Whether you need a chief planner, an expert in a special field or a publicly certified and sworn expert – our range of services is extensive. New challenges are encountered with curiosity and know-how and we can rely and draw from a considerable treasure of experience. As consulting engineers we are specialists in the fields of Water, Energy & Environment. Our service portfolio is versatile and broadly diversified and includes in our fields of activity Renewable Energy, Water & Environment, Infrastructure and Areas of Expertise the following areas:

Engineering Services

We accompany your project from the first idea to the implementation. But our services don’t finish here – should you have any questions or unsolved problems afterwards we are happy to assist. Our extensive services cover all phases of the HOAI. Interdisciplinary work in a well-rehearsed team leads to a smooth process with regard to working on schedule and efficiently. Our Team offers special know-how and expertise in various fields of activity – whether a chief planner or an expert is needed. Our high demands concerning quality, adherence to schedule, efficiency, sustainability and economic viability are mirrored by our successfully implemented projects. Project needs and customer satisfaction are always our top priority.

Our services include:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Concept & feasibility studies
  • Preliminary-  & design planning
  • Environmental studies
  • Approval planning
  • Approval management
  • Tender & licensing
  • Implementation planning
  • Construction supervision
  • Operation
  • Operational management

Project Management

It is indispensable for Consulting Engineers to have economic competence as well as a structured method of working. Clearly structured assignments of tasks and areas of responsibility guarantee an efficient and targeted project management. A successful management works on schedule, always keeps the overview and is therefore able to provide needed solutions through thorough and prescient planning. We guarantee a smooth process because even in stressful situations we stay on top of things. In-house and external quality management is an important part of successful management. In order to minimize sources of mistakes regular monitoring is important to ensure the quality standards. Mistakes can always occur, yet they have to be detected early to minimize major, negative effects on a project.

Our services include:

  • Project Management
  • Time scheduling and monitorung
  • Budgeting and monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Project administration or documentation
  • Project structuring
  • Project organization
  • Project audits
  • Project assistance

Project Development

Investors are in need of visions and security. We assist you from the first steps taken in the areas of renewable energy, infrastructure or environment. We help you develop projects that exactly meet your requirements – from feasibility to operation. We are cross-linked worldwide and are able to assess foreign markets reliably. Investments have to be future-oriented, economically viable, long-term oriented and sustainable.

Our services include:

  • Project identification
  • Market studies & site investigations
  • Technical & economical concept development
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Assistance of approval planning
  • Investment support
  • Management concepts

Cost- & Risk Management

Conventional financial calculations cannot fully picture risks and cost explosions. The inclusion of known developments (price escalation, pay increase, inflation, etc.) has to be complemented through statically calculated scenarios which take possible future risks into consideration. Proven experience in civil engineering and finance enable to make a forecast about potential developments that early on account for a better transparency in all phases of the project. Consistent cost management supports you from the first cost development through operative project cost controlling up to a final project review. Gladly will we also assist you with the implementation of a consistent cost and risk management system.

Our services include:

  • Cost estimation
  • Project cost controlling
  • Project analyses
  • Project reviews
  • System Risk Management
  • RAMS
  • Holistic Cost and Risk Management
  •  RIAAT

Health and safety

A successful coordination of safety and health protection on construction sites requires the timely integration of planning services. Good planning with a systematic exchange of information on construction sites leads to more safety and health-friendly working conditions during construction and during work on the building at a later stage. Whether advanced notice, creation of safety and health plans, documents for subsequent work – our SiGeKo’s accompany you as a builder with competence and know-how.

Our services include:

  • Health and safety coordination following the Building site regulation
  • Health and safety, safety at work in companies
  • Hazard analyses
  • Safety and health plans
  • Documents for subsequent work
  • Structural feature files
  • Maintenance instructions

Expert assessment

Mediation, conciliation, an expert opinion during a law suit or the assessment of a new investment – decades of experience and broad know-how are the basis of a trustful collaboration. We advise you qualified, confidential and straightforward.

Our services include:

  • Ratings
  • Surveys
  • Analyses
  • Damage reports
  • WHG (Federal Water Act)
  • Plant safety check
  • Mediation

Measuring and testing

Special tasks require special services. Adaoted to the changes and challenges of our industry, whether it’s mediation, an expert opinion in litigation or the evaluation of a new investment – decades of experience and broad knowledge are the basis of trusting cooperations. We advise you competently, confidentially and uncomplicated.

Our services include:

  • Flow measurements
  • Level metering
  • Measurement of solids
  • Vibration measurements
  • Testing of non-destructive components
  • Measurement of wall thickness  and coating thickness
  • Monitoring
  • Power measurement & speed measurement

3D Laser Scan

Early on it was important to us to rely on the use of laser scanning. The combination of the 3D laser scanner or the resulting point clouds with 3D construction leads to more efficient planning. Another advantage is the very precise and pictorial documentation even in hard to reach areas. The professional use of this technique captures the object down to the smallest detail and is thus ideally suited to record permanent inventory and planning criteria with the highest precision. Point cloud files support the planning and design process in which the captured stock is inserted into planning models and available for further processing.

Our services include:

  • 3D inventory
  • Creating geometries from point clouds
  • Creating and segmenting point clouds from scan files

3D flow simulation

In the planning and hydraulic dimensioning of hydro power plants or other technical facilities of hydraulic engineering Dr. Hutarew & Partner has been using numerical 3D models for optimization for years. Numerical flow simulations are used to determine water depths and flow velocities, but also e.g. high tide flood periods used on rivers. The rapid development of computer technology enables the calculation of complex 3D CFD models on a normal workstation PC. Thus, complete flood relief systems can be covered by dams in a model. Numerical simulations can also be used to optimize upstream fish migration facilities. Structural variations as well as boundary conditions, for example for water levels, can be varied with little effort.

Our services include:

  • Creation of 3D CFD models
  • 3D flow simulations