Our environment experts have specialized technical know-how and determine the environmental impact of a project across all project phases.

Minimum flow studies

The scope of the investigation for residual water discharges in the discharge lines of hydroelectric power plants is based on the project parameters and requirement profiles of the lead fish species to be checked. This requires hydraulic surveys as well as biological tests and appropriately qualified assessments by our experts.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental experts check the environmental compatibility of your projects, carry out preliminary tests of the individual case and determine the intervention and balance sheet balance in accordance with the requirements of current environmental standards. The effects are examined and assessed from the point of view of nature conservation in order to be able to carry out the monitoring of the recommended measures to minimize the impact during execution.

Flood protection

Whether river basin model, flood development or flood-proof design – the careful taming and acceptance of the forces of water is the path of flood protection. Retention areas, both large and small, managed by controlling the runoff. Flood protection is also infrastructure planning and places the highest demands on planning and implementation. We have the tools and the experience for this task.

Hydraulic engineering

Water body building means dealing with landscape space, water systems and ecosystems. Aquatic engineering requires knowledge of flow diversity, engineering biology, sediment and substrate knowledge, flora and fauna, water parameters and much more. From the lowest low tide to the heaviest flood, the water body must master all conditions. From hydrology to production – we plan for your waters.

Water Management

Water management means to provide a framwork between rainfall, surface runoff, water body engineering and groundwater management using an interdisciplinary appoach. Benefits and protection must be incorporated through uncompromising competence in all areas of influence. Water management – a task of unforeseen scope. We control it in your interest.