Culvert river Enz Broetzingen-Enzberg

In the district of Broetzingen-Enzberg in Pforzheim, the riverbed of the Enz was crossed for an improved infrastructure with numerous supply lines. Dr. Hutarew & Partner took over the planning and implementation. A particular challenge was the crossing Broetzinger bridge and the drainage in the crossing area.

We were commissioned with the planning and implementation of the culvert measure by the SWP. A total of 28 cables of different caliber were laid. The goal was to produce the Enz with gas line, water supply lines of various caliber with 110kV line, a low-voltage line, as well as empty conduits for communication and infrastructure lines under the river bed Enz. This had to be implemented in no time.

For this purpose the culvert was pre-assembled and all ductwork embedded on a supporting scaffold. At lean flow, the river was then temporarily blocked and bypassed over the construction site. Within less than 8 hours the culvert was lifted, transshipped, adjusted, finally assembled, pressure tested and covered with rapidly setting concrete to allow the flow to continue flowing undisturbed. Finally, the riverbed with optical marking of the crossing area was restored to its original base condition.

The connection to the pipes leading away from the riverbed could be completed without time restrictions.

Project type

  • Client: municipal utilities Pforzheim

  • Location Broetzingen/Pforzheim

  • Lead time for upfront assembly: 4 weeks

  • Installation period on Saturdays within 8hrs

Technical details

  • High-pressure gas pipeline

  • Water supply pipelines

  • Power supply lines

  • Communication lines + ductwork for pipes and cables

  • Self-supporting, torsion-resistant scaffold

Services performed

  • Planning, design for approval , execution design & computation, tendering and awarding of a contract

  • Construction supervision on site

  • Pressure testing + commissioning

  •  Rehabilitation measures