3D laser scan KW Rechtenstein

The inventory of the turbine tailrace was carried out by means of 3D laser scanning. The generated point cloud forms the basis of the 3D planning model from which the necessary 2D plan documents for the executing construction company were generated. Here you can see an animation of the stock captured by the 3D laser scan.

Upstream fish migra- tion Auerbruecke

In 2016, the fish ladder  was inaugurated at the run-of-river power plant Auerbruecke. The construction measure provides the required ecological continuity for many fish species in the river Enz which can now more easily pass the power station building and swim into the upstream water. As a result of the renewal of the power plant the SWPs also generate more electricity than they did before.

Pilot plant fish monitoring

In mid-October of 2015, a pilot plant was installed at the Hochwuhr power plant. In collaboration with the municipal utilities Feldkirch and under the lead of Dipl. Ing. Hans-Jörg Mathis possibilities to automat-ically monitor and record the fish pass via webcams and an image analysis software were investigated. Enjoy watching!

Rehabilitation of the auxiliary weir Rottenburg

After 42 years of operation, Europe’s largest roof weir had to be rehabilitated. The steel anchoring base of the roof weir structure, the side surfaces and the anchorages to the main structure were refurbished. In order to being able to carry out this work, the entire roof weir was disassembled and lifted to the dry by a mobile crane.