International expert’s activity

In 2015, the project along the Ohio River/USA underwent a condition check during construction period. We supported the project over a period of several years. The low-pressure power plant has an installed capacity of 88MW. Three turbines generate an average annual output of 458 million kWh/a.

The focus was laid on the interaction between the civil construction and mechanical engineering aspects. With 7m impeller diameter at a drop height of 25m, Kaplan turbines were installed. The knowledge gained from many years of personal experience in the construction of hydropower plants has been converted into specifications for execution. A recurring challenge was to reconcile the accuracies of the structural tolerances with the requirements of mechanical engineering precision. As external experts we have analyzed the problem areas, developed solutions and given recommendations.

Project type

  • Client: Disclosed

  • Expert’s activity 2014-2016

  • Location: Ohio River, USA

  • Start of project: 2013  Construction of  power station

Technical details

  • Run-of–river hydroelectric power plant

  • 3 horizontal Kaplan bulb turbines

  • Runner diameter: D1~7000mm

  • Drop height: H~25m

  • Installed capacity: P~88MW

  • Annual output: W~458 million kWh/a

Services performed

  • Constructional advisory, risk & claim management

  • On-Site Visits