Upstream fish migration Auerbruecke

In 2013, the renovation of the Auerbrücke hydropower plant in Pforzheim took place. As part of the renewal of the water permit and maintenance requirements, we were assigned with the construction of a fish ladder in addition to the basic renovation of the power plant.

The power plant is located at the confluence of rivers Enz and Nagold and is intended to implement the migration of fish under today’s desired and predetermined environmental parameters. For the continuity the upstream fish pass was built in a confined space between the Auerbrücke hydroelectric power station and the driveway to the Parkhotel.

In the process it was decided to build 45 vertical slot basins in order to overcome the 5.20m difference in height. Resulting, the 15m long powerhouse had to be crossed by a horizontal passage. Due to the existing situation of limited space and the need to integrate numerous infrastructure routes, the upstream fish migration (FAA) was designed under the Enz bicycle path and was intergrated completely and unobtrusively flood-proof under the terrain.

The fish ladder provides the first and crucial element in accessing the Enz upstream Pforzheim. The location Auerbruecke provides access and permeability for the water inhabitants upstream the Enz.The action was taken by the municipal utilities  in accordance with the regional council Karlsruhe.

Project type

  • Client: Municipal utilities Pforzheim

  • Location: Pforzheim city center

  • Construction of upstream fish migration at the power station Auerbruecke

  • Renovation in 2013 including concession renewal

Technical details

  • Δh = 5.20m, 45 vertical-slot basins

  • Dig pit fish ladder: Dimensions 10x10m at 8m depth

  • Soldier pile wall

  • Flow rate Q = 340 l/s

Services performed

  • Overall Planning LP1-LP9

  • Structural planning & computation LP1-LP7

  • Construction supervision on site

  • Project management

  • Cost & risk management