Fish migration Hoefen

Dr. Hutarew & Partner was assigned by the municipality of Hoefen an der Enz with the planning of fish migration facilities -upstream (FAA) and downstream (FAH) including all accompanying measures. The existing fish ladder was no longer up to date. The permeability for the water inhabitants had to be improved.

The difference between head upstream to downstream is 3m. In order to make this consistent and easier for the aqua fauna to overcome, the fish ladder was designed and executed on the right bank between powerhouse intake and  river Enz in the design of a vertical slot pass. In addition, a downstream fishway was created as a fish slide.

Based on these two construction elements and the additional flow of the existing fish ladder and a sluice gate, a sacrificed flow of 600 l/s was finally reached. Prior to execution the riverbed received a discharge of 220 l/s only. All of this contributed to a significant improvement in the ecological situation in the river.

Dr. Hutarew & Partner was assigned with the complete turnkey engineering. We elaborated all phases of the HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers) from preliminary planning to the start-up preparation and legally requested accompanying measures (proof of quality).

Project type

  • Client: municipality Hoefen/Enz

  • New construction:upstream fish migrationn(FAA) & downstream fish migration (FAH)

  • Location: Hoefen an der Enz

  • 2012

Technical details

  • New construction: FAA and FAH

  • FAA: Length 54m, slot width 0.3m for 22 basins

  • FAH: Length 21m at 9.2% slope

  • Minimum water discharge line: 600 l/s

Services performed

  • Turn-key engineering

  • Planning & computation of  FAA + FAH

  • Design for approval

  • Flow determination after commissioning