Riverbed relocation

Already in 1999 the flood protection of the Eisbach was produced in Sulzbach-Laufen in the local situation. Our plans already included the company premises of mbs. In 2010, due to rapid growth, the company had to expand the possibilities of use at the location. To avoid a relocation, the community decided to an unusual measure, the relocation of the water bed of the Eisbach. Since the Eisbach bordered on the industrial area but ran so that an extension without creek laying was not possible, commissioned the company owner the consulting engineers Dr. Hutarew & Partner with the planning and implementation of the project. In the foreground was to find a nature- and landscape-friendly solution for the expansion of the business location.

First of all, the new waterbed had to be created and prefabricated (according to the existing flora and fauna) and, in the next step, the water intake had to be diverted to the new water bed. The third step consisted of the rearrangement of the valuable fauna from the decommissioned into the newly built water bed. At the same time, the extension building was erected turnkey on 1000m² of MBS.

Due to the laying of the creek former flooded areas had to be built over. However, due to the newly created route and shape of the water bed, the retention volume could be significantly increased compared to the initial state (from ~ 4,400 m³ to ~ 8,500 m³ – a + of ~ 50% flood protection). A special challenge is the slope protection. Slit tubes were installed as slope-side drainage line in extension of the original riverbed to divert the previous leachate and slope water towards the Eisbach riverbed. In order to avoid embankment slips in the direction of the new Eisbach bed, the pipes at the point where the old and the new riverbed meet merge into the Eisbach.

In order to meet the noise protection and privacy needs of local residents, a sufficiently large gap between the new water bed, commercial park and residential area had to be maintained.

Project type

  • Client: Municipality of Sulzbach-Laufen & MBS AG

  • Location: Eisbach Sulzbach-Laufen

  • River development Sulzbach-Laufen

  • Flood Protection Location & relocation Eisbach Industrial Park

  • 1999-2012

Technical details

  • HQ100 discharge: 24.4 m³ / s

  • Extreme flooding BHQ extrem: ~ 34.7 m³ / s

  • Bottom slope Is ~ 2%

  • Another 50% retention volume

Services performed

  • Overall Planning LP1-LP9

  • Checking the subsoil condition

  • Installation of the soil material in bulk exchange

  • Structural design

  • Terrain Surveying & -staking

  • Coordination with new hall construction