Overhaul hydropower station Auerbruecke

If a hydropower plant is serviced and maintained periodically, it will remain in a generally satisfactory state. At the hydraulic power station Auerbruecke in Pforzheim a comprehensive package of maintenance measures which had not been carried out yet was on the program. Therefore,  a basic overhaul had to be completed. For this purpose, after 2 months of condition assessment and preparation 5 arid months were set for the implementation of the construction measures ( from May to September).
At the hydropower plant Auerbruecke in Pforzheim  an ”all-round rehabilitation“ in form of a general rehabilitation was needed after 28 years of operation in 2013. Here, several subprojects had to be considered.
The project was implemented in close cooperation with the operating team of the municipal utilities Pforzheim.

The following have been implemented as a basic overhaul:

• Permeability upstream and downstream (migration facilities)
• General overhaul of machinery at the factory
• New construction of the stationary rake including rake cleaning machine
• Structural rehabilitation of powerhouse
• Improved outflow conditions in tail water
• Inspection and rehabilitation of the weir field closures (hydraulic steel construction, segments with attached flaps)
• New construction of turbine control and integration of weir- and rake control
• Control of all rehabilitation measures during commissioning

After the completion of the work the hydropower plant is prepared for further years of operation. Preventive maintenance can keep costs low.

Project type

  • Client: Municipal utilities Pforzheim GmbH & Co. KG

  • General overhaul hydropower plant Auerbruecke

  • Location: Pforzheim, Auerbruecke

  • Civil construction measures: 2013/2014

  • General overhaul

Technical details

  • Upstream fish migration

  • Workshop overhaul turbines & generators

  • New construction of trash rake system

  • Rehab hydromechanical equipment

  • Reorganization of the entire infrastructure (water, sewage, electricity, IT)

Services performed

  • Overall planning including all individual measures

  • Condition assessment (RLA) & quality assurance

  • Construction supervision on site

  • Cost & risk management

  • Design for approval for  license renewal