Condition assessment power station Sigmaringen


Sigmaringen (Laiz) condition assessment Dr. Hutarew & Partner planned the hydropower plant Sigmaringen Laiz in 1997 and provided technical support in the implementation process. In 2017, we were commissioned with the as-built analysis of this hydropower plant. After 20 years of operation the system components should be checked for their condition and maintenance requirements. The aim of [...]

Measuring penstock + turbines


Measuring Kirchentellinsfurt - penstock + turbines Kirchentellinsfurt is located on the Neckar in the district of Tübingen. The hydropower set of Fair Energy consists of a low head run-of-river power plant combined with an integrated pump storage power plant. Built in the 1920s, the owners have assigned a condition assessment after nearly 100 years of operation. In [...]

Sluice Neckargmuend


Sluice Neckargmuend - expert's activity In 2014 Dr. Hutarew was (within the framework of his activities as legal expert) assigned to record and to assess the quality and condition of the sluice in Neckargmuend near Heidelberg after repair works. The expert inspection and documentation of the sluice was carried out under operational conditions. The sluice was rehabilitated [...]

Overhaul power station Auerbruecke


Overhaul hydropower station Auerbruecke If a hydropower plant is serviced and maintained periodically, it will remain in a generally satisfactory state. At the hydraulic power station Auerbruecke in Pforzheim a comprehensive package of maintenance measures which had not been carried out yet was on the program. Therefore,  a basic overhaul had to be completed. For this purpose, [...]


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